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Tracking Tyres, balancing and aligning wheels...


...are the sort of jobs that tend to be left to last, although we all know that tyres are the only parts of the car which are actually in a direct contact with the road. So we should really look after them better...

Here at Wokingham Tyres, we stock all the leading brands of tyres around the world to suit every budget, so we have been able to help our customers to get back on the road as soon as possible. In case you need a tyre we don't stock, a quick phone call will ensure it will arrive on our site within hours and you can be back on the road again.

When it comes to tyre wear, if your wheels are even slightly out of alignment, the wear will be uneven. With our latest laser technology and wheel balancing equipment, we can help check your tyres area aligned properly and make sure they are fitted perfectly.

About your tyres...

Planning to drive in Europe? You might be aware that UK law states the minimum tread of any tyre to be at least 1.6mm. This number is increased to 2mm in mainland Europe, so do drop in and let us check your tyre wear before you set off.

Did you know that you should check the pressure of your tyres at least once a week? Why? Because if your tyre pressure is incorrect, it will affect the way your car performs, including steering.



How brakes work: brakes work by applying pressure on to either a disc (Brake Pads) attached to the wheel hub or onto the inside of the brake drum (Brake Shoes) inside the wheel hub itself. The wear on your brakes is directly related to your driving style and speed. In most cars, front brakes wear out quicker because the braking systems in most cars is biased, which means that the front brakes are applied first. When you brake, what happens is that your vehicle's hydraulic braking system forces brake fluid to be distributed to each of the wheels, which is why you need to check the level of your brake fluid reservoir periodically.

Braking systems we have today are very reliable and almost never fail completely. Braking performance though will be reduced gradually over the time by wear of the brake pads. And because this deterioration is taking place so gradually, drivers often fail to notice just how bad their braking performance has become! Therefore we would strongly advise everyone to have their brakes checked on a regular basis. You can do so at our workshop where all our brake technicians are trained and have years of experience in spotting those first danger signs of brake wear.

We sell brakes for all the leading vehicle makes and we are proud to offer some of the best quality parts available today, such as Delphi and ADL brakes for cars manufactured in Japan. So please do drop in and have us check the condition of your brakes, we'd love to help you.



Your battery provides power for the ignition and also to the starter system to start the engine and a ‘flat battery’ is the most common reason why a car won't start. Usually, this is caused by forgetting to switch off the lights or failing to unplug your mobile which is charging via cigarette lighter.

The life of a battery will deteriorate over time as we all know, therefore we would advise everyone to check its performance regularly. Here at Wokingham Tyres we would be happy to check the health of your battery and supply a correct one should you need it, it will only take minutes! In addition, we give 3 year replacement warranty to all our batteries as we only supply the leading brands i.e. the best there is.

We are also willing to come out to you, should you find yourself stuck with a flat battery, unable to go anywhere! All you need to do is to call us and we’ll be happy to either offer advice or bring a new battery to you!

Other things you might have not known about your car battery…

it also acts as a supply of additional power when the vehicle's in-built alternator or dynamo cannot satisfy the demands placed upon it. The battery helps protect the vehicle's electrical wiring and components by suppressing voltage spikes that might otherwise damage them. Car batteries are also the most commonly recycled item and make up for 60% of the world's lead.

Shock absorbers

shock absorbers

Although today’s suspensions are highly reliable, they can still go wrong from time to time, more so as your car ages. If you begin to feel the holes in road more than usual, you might need to check your shock absorbers out!

Here at Wokingham Tyres, we can carry out a full Shock Absorber Check and Replacement service for your vehicle. And don’t forget, we only use leading brands… so do get in touch and we will get it fixed for you.

More on shock absorbers...

Car suspension systems these days are hydraulic devices that operate both the stretch and the compression of the car springs.
Did you know that the first shock absorbers were introduced in 1926 when Monroe invented his 'Shock Eliminator' for automobiles?

shock absorbers

Air conditioning

air conditioning

Our services here at Wokingham Tyres include checking of your air coolant and anti-freeze levels as well as checking over and fixing your air conditioning and climate control systems. You may not be aware that these systems require regular attention, which can be done on our premises. Just book a 1.5 hour appointment with us and we’ll do the rest.

About your car’s cooling system...

Make sure you check the coolant levels regularly and that the anti-freeze is topped up before winter.

Did you know that you use slightly more petrol when your air-con is switched on?

Run the air-con for at least 20 minutes per week in the winter months (or when you don’t use it regularly) to prevent damaging your car's air conditioning!

How your car air-conditioning works....

how car air conditioning works

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